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    Alright, so has anyone checked out this title? I got the demo and played for like 2 minutes. I'm a bit confused. I go online and look at GameSpot and IGN and see 9+/10. I see like 100 user reviews of grown men who play Action/FPS games who picked this up out of curiosity and said they cried real tears at the end game. More comments saying this has the potential to be the greatest game of all time and its the "Mona Lisa" of videogames in its short 3 hours of gameplay. I'm now a little curious myself. The thing is, I have no plot, no back story, and no dialogue. I've got nothing but a luminous hooded figure and a vast mystical mountain in the distance.

    So if you've picked this title up what do you think of it? Is it worth the $15? I just don't want to spend money on something I might not like, though there is always that chance, but I'd like your review of it. I'm fond of 'different' games and stuff like that, but this one is just oddly different in a way I'm not sure how to comprehend.
    03-28-2013 05:09 PM
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    I have to say that it is definitely worth the money to experience this game! It's more than a game. Every time you play it's different. You can play solo or with a companion when signed into the PSN. U randomly meet a companion and its so amazing the relationship you develop with them. It's amazing because unlike other games you don't know who you are playing with, there's no ID above their head or txt or blue tooth capabilities to communicate with them. Only actions and a wordless chirping sound. Yes I said "chirp" lol but the sound is quite lovely and it's wonderful because you don't know at all who you are playing with online but those chirps become yours and their language you learn to understand. It's amazing because not too long ago I played with a companion who was so nice and so fun, and at the end of the game after the end credits the other player's PS ID is shown to you in case you want to send them a message or send a friend invite, and I thanked them for such a wonderful time and it turns out the person who was with me was from Japan who didn't speak any English! But in the game we were able to convey intentions and actions and feelings using our characters sounds and body language. The whole purpose of the game was for two total strangers to forge an emotional connection and sense of companionship which without realising you end up doing. My first time playing with someone my first thought was just oh somebody to play with! But they become so real and important to you, you become attached to them and have this need to stay together as you explore this abandoned city out in the desert and the 2 of you during your travels learn more and more about this city's history and you realise your connection with this person. And along the way you have so much fun together like you would with your best friend spending the day together doing whatever I did not expect this game to stir up such string emotions in me, but after my first time all these wonderful emotions came up in me I almost didn't know what to do with them. And as you said before you heard of grown men tearing up at the end, only a real man can admit that this game made them feel something really genuinely good because they can appreciate something so wonderful and deep. My brother in law and his friend were watching me play Journey one day and it was their first time even hearing about Journey. They're more into Assassins Creed and Call of Duty etc, but half way thru the game I looked over at them and their eyes were glued to the screen and every so often they'd smirk when certain things happened. Eventually one of them asked "hey uh, can I try?" and I'd let them continue part of the game for me. They felt no shame in saying they really enjoyed it and that they've never played something like this that's completely different from what they're used to. They've never known of something like this, in its own category. They ended up buying it when they left my house and went home you can Wikipedia Joyrney and learn more there and it won't spoil your experience should you end up buying the game. I can give you my word it's worth every cent. Please let me know what you think!
    05-22-2013 03:46 PM

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