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    The playground is in your hands! With more than 10 apps in it there is something for all tastes! Explore, scared, surprised, make curious your friends with CrazyJokes! Below you can see a list of applications that you can find inside.

    Friends/family too curious! Start a MEGA siren when they touch the screen of your iPhone! You can use this app as a burglar!

    With the same mechanism of CriticalAlarm, your victim will believe taking a terrible shock!

    When they touch the screen they will be scared to death and the camera will shoot a photo at their terrified face!

    Whip your friends, parents, friends, family……anyone! Shake the iPhone in the air like a whip, and it will emit a realistic snap!

    Create some nice sliding screens that invade the screen of your iPhone! You can set the background color and text! Express your creativity!

    Don’t touch
    Another app for the curious friends! Choose a funny sound between those integrated (siren, fart, cry, explosion, etc. ..) and as soon as your victim move or touch your iPhone will start the joke!

    Slip your iPhone in your pocket. With the movement of the leg your device will emit sound of farts!

    3D Audio
    Put your headphones, close your eyes and immerse yourself in another dimension! The 3D sound is incredibly realistic! Your ears have never heard anything like it! Feel like you’re in another place!

    This App simulates an electric razor. Everything is well-groomed! Turn it on, turn it off, the sound is unique, you’ll hear even the sound of the hairs that fall off and you will see them fly on display! Fun to show to friends and relatives!

    Take a look with your friends at the videos more fearful of web!!

    Set the timer and hide your iPhone. At the set time your device will play terrifying sounds that will literally scare your victim! If he’s sleeping certainly will not have a great awakening!

    Away mosquitoes and pesky bugs with AntiMosquito! This application emits sounds at frequencies that insects move away! Finally some peace!

    Many true? It does not end here! Through the “EXTRA” section within the app, you can send your suggestion to create new jokes! CrazyJokes will be constantly updated with new jokes that will entertain you and your friends!

    You can download the app to the following link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/craz...mt=8&at=10l3Vy
    FREE VERSION AT: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/craz...mt=8&at=10l3Vy

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