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    Blender Defender - Fruit Slicer


    For so many years you have enjoyed drinking your favorite freshly blended fruit juice not even thinking about how many innocent fruits had to lay down their lives for you to enjoy your healthy beverage! Now it’s payback time!

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    [FREE] Blender Defender - Fruit Slicer-blender-ios-1.png


    Mad fruits are attacking and they have only one mission… To demolish your blender! They are marching on the countertop, trying to reach your juicer and destroy it once and for all!


    Circle around the fruit with your finger to create a floating bubble. Then aim and throw the bubble into the blender swiping with your finger towards the blender. You can either throw the bubble from the distance and make a long shot, or dunk it into the blender, like doing a slam dunk in basketball.

    There are all kinds of fruits that are attacking your blender and trying to destroy it in many different ways! Get ready and keep your blender safe from angry FRUIT PIRATES!

    ★ FEATURES ★

    ✔ Attacks are organized in waves, each next attack is stronger than the last one
    ✔ After each wave you can buy upgrades for your blender with coins you’ve earned during the game
    ✔ Lots of powerful upgrades for your blender
    ✔ Defend Cabo San Lucas and Honolulu from fruit invasion
    ✔ Lots of interesting achievements

    Have fun playing Blender Defender-Fruit Slicer FREE and save your juicer from angry fruits!
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