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    I see this apps in iTunes and it make me remind my good old days. These days* we dont have computer to play* we dont have a mall to go there our whole worlds is in our backyards

    When I were child* I played

    Hide and seek
    We used to play this games in my backyard. We hide on the tree* in the a barrel or diving into river (I guess I were stupid this time ^^)

    First* we will play Paper Rock Scissor to decide who will be the tree (2 girls who keep the robes).
    Then* we will play by jump over the robe. For any level we finish we will increase the high of a robe.

    The child watches
    Green Watch from Bananas leaves ^^.

    Water Machine
    My first Video Games* that u need to arrange the plastic circle up to 2 needles by using 2 buttons or shake the machine (infact* I always finish this game by shaking ^^).

    I dont play a most of a games above but I still playing Water Machine on my iPhone. Anytime I play this game* it make me remember a warm memory when I were child.

    Look like it be more cool than my toy...

    If u get interesting u can download this app right here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/water-machine/id585477507
    03-22-2013 02:55 AM

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