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    I want to share a free casual game, Magic Particle.

    Magic Particle, combines science, art, music, and some other elements, to bring you a new gaming experience.
    Magic Particle, is a casual game. With the number of your fingers changing and your fingers moving, thousands of particles in Magic Particle will combine to display various kinds of patterns. Fantasy of the stars, mysterious of the galaxy, and the fun in customize your own pictures, you will get all these in Magic Particle.

    - Multi-touch (Max to 5 touches).
    - With different number of your fingers touching the screen, you could get various patterns in Magic Particle. Such as flame, fireworks, atoms, etc.
    - Rich Pattern library, with dazzling meteor shower, cute piggy, and some other patterns.
    - Support customize patterns.
    - Support customize particles features. Users could customize the amount, color, and size of the particles.
    - Amazing background musics, make you feel like being in a dream.
    - Smooth and fun to play.

    Now, you could download free in iTunes:

    Hope you could enjoy it![Casual Game]Magic Particle-002.jpg
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    03-15-2013 12:06 AM
  2. MaoMaoPa55's Avatar
    anyone try it?
    03-15-2013 04:25 AM

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