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    A funny collection of emoticons dedicated to love, to email, send by SMS, tweet, post to Facebook, print or save to device library to communicate your emotions and your moods to your partner, or simply to send illustrated messages with the funny and original "smilies".
    The Luvicons images are accompanied by more than 350 love phrases in over 80 languages to always find the words to communicate your feelings.
    A full set of 25 different emoticons expressions is available in the free version, and 10 more funny characters are in a "light" version that can be used for some expressions and can be unlocked at a cost of 0.89.

    Available for FREE at

    Post messages to Facebook and Twitter (only iOS 6 and above)
    In-app email of the message
    Send a text version via SMS
    Save the images in your roll
    Setting the address of the recipient from your address book
    25 different expressions for the base character
    10 additional characters available with InApp purchase
    350+ love phrases in 82 world languages
    Fully customizable love message
    Selection of the typeface
    4-touch ultra-easy composition and sending
    Direct printing by AirPrint enabled devices
    03-01-2013 04:24 AM

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