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    My name is Jheng Wei Ciao, we are a Taiwan-based independent game studio called Monkey Potion. We'd like to introduce you our latest iOS game Jade Ninja. Jade Ninja is a Japanese-style arcade game with simple controls and intense gameplay.

    iTunes Link: appstore.com/jadeninja

    Official Trailer

    Game Screenshots

    Game Genre

    Arcade & Action

    Game Description

    Dont Run. Protect.

    Ninjas, must endure what others can not. To protect the beloved one, we choose to join Jade Ninja.

    When you become a Jade Ninja, will you protect her at all costs?

    • Japanese-style Stage Settings: Fighting on the Japanese tile roof, desolate battlefield and abandoned temple.
    • Distinctive Characters: Protect Ninja Girl, Samurai Girl, Witch & Assassin from attacking enemies.
    • Various Opponents: 20+ types of enemy including ninja, bandit, swordsman, monk, ghost, skeleton shogun, red oni and a lot more.
    • Armed with Ninja Weapons: Performing a balancing act on the choice between Katana, Blade & Spear.
    • Unleash Ninja Powers: 5 types of powerful scroll help you annihilate enemies.
    • Collect Mystic Jades: 5 unlockable jades to gain extra Ninja Abilities.
    • Shadow Mode: Challenging levels for players who want to be a Jade Ninja Master.
    • Feel the thrill of slashing enemies as blisteringly as a hot knife through butter!

    All our hopes are pinned on you. Stand out and fight for your faith!

    Supported Languages
    • English
    • Japanese
    • Traditional Chinese

    For more info on future updates, you may visit us at jadeninja.com
    02-21-2013 09:38 AM

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