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    Accent Karaoke - The Funniest App Ever - Now Live In The App Store!! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FOR FREE

    Think you can imitate foreign accents? Accent Karaoke comes packed with the most hysterical and crazy phrases in different accents from across the world.

    Select from Indian, Chinese, Mexican Jamaican, Texan, French, and many more. Listen to the phrases and create your own hilarious version by reading the script and using the embedded voice recorder! Listen, Laugh & Share, and who knows you might even pick up an accent or two. Are you up to the challenge, download it NOW for free!

    [FREE] Accent Karaoke - New Comedy App Guaranteed To Make You Hysterical-email-template.jpg

    ★★CHECK US OUT★★
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    02-07-2013 09:08 PM

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