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    Hello everyone,

    Chinese New Year, one of the most popular festival is coming! Are you preparing to celebrate for this holiday?
    Facinate Chinese New Year app will get you into the holiday spirit. The latest Facinate app from i-App Creation Co., Ltd. has arrived on The Apples App Store!!

    Facinate Chinese New Year

    We create this app for celebrating the most popular festive season in China. We hope many people will enjoy sharing this fun app with their family, friends or someone special in China and around the world. Its doesnt matter where you live in, Because you can now using Facinate to celebrate from anywhere, anyplace in the world

    Celebrating the year of the snake, users can experience the gorgeous of Chinese themed design, sound effect and more. For this version, weve added 3 languages in iTunes Description and iTunes Ads including...
    - English,
    - Traditional Chinese,
    - Simplify Chinese

    Features in Facinate Chinese New Year
    - D.I.Y. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch background
    - 14 Filters
    - Special Chinese ornaments, 10 Frames
    - Tons of stickers, such as accessories, hats, masks, and more from 6 categories
    - Upload directly to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
    - E-mail Sharing

    Facinate Chinese New Year is available world-wide from Apples App Store for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch. Also support iPad Mini, and iPhone 5. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

    Download Facinate Chinese New Year on The Apples App Store

    Wed love to read your review! share with us.

    02-07-2013 09:08 PM

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