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    Lagu (formerly Music+)
    App Store:

    Lagu is the revolutionary music player for iPhone or iPod Touch. The interface is designed based on the native Music/iPod app, so you will be able to use the app as how you normally do with the native one. Apart from it, Lagu also has these awesome features:

    ★, Facebook and Twitter integration ★
    People agree that Lagu is the best scrobbler for iOS device. Lagu updates your now playing status and scrobble automatically, and Lagu can even save songs to be scrobbled later if you are offline. You can love a song and it will appear in your profile. You can also share with your Facebook and Twitter friends the song you are listening to right now.

    ★ Queue Management ★
    You already have some songs that you want to play right after the current one has finished, but you don't want to create a new playlist again or keep choosing song every time the current one has finished. With Lagu, you can set the next songs that you want to play easily.

    ★ Songs Downloader ★
    You can easily download many free songs from, iTunes and other sources easily. Those downloaded songs will be seamlessly integrated into your songs library.

    ★ Auto-EQ ★
    Lagu lets you choose an EQ to be used when playing a particular song. Every time Lagu plays that song, the player will automatically use the selected EQ.

    ★ Lyrics ★
    Lagu can help you find the lyrics of your song from,,, and more coming. Or you can write them lyrics by yourself.

    ★ Songs Recommendation ★
    With Lagu, you can be always up-to-date with your favorite artists by easily finding more albums by them from iTunes Store, the largest online music store in the world!

    ★ And many more nice features ★
    Sleep timer, shake to shuffle, auto download artwork, and many more.
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