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    Hello everyone,

    Today I want to let you know about one amazing app that I have developed. It is Apps (
    The goal of the app is to provide you with all the app news you need, in a convenient iOS application. The application even has a free and paid genre selection so you can look up the best apps right from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Apps is primarily a news application and takes its news from a wide variety of sources. These sources include Gizmodo, TechCrunch, The Verge, and Cult of Mac.

    As I mentioned above, the app has several popular sites to provide this content. The articles within this app are very well written and should keep you up-to-date on all the mobile news.

    The format and design of the application is very well thought out. The news articles are spread out on the screen in a way that is easy to navigate through them. Apps even has a way to sort different articles. The articles can be sorted into Recent, Popular, and Discussed. You can even write and publish articles to Apps with an additional add-on app available by the same developers. The navigation between the pages is smart too. The tabs at the bottom redirect you to different pages within the app. The application has the news section, an app listing section, a search section, and a favorites section. The search section lets you search for apps and reviews while looking at a playful telescope animation.

    The favorites section is also useful, and lets you favorite your most loved articles or apps so you can be updated on all the news surrounding your app. Or you can use it to just check on an article later. The application also has a social aspect where you can like or comment on articles. This brings more people together to have discussions within the application.

    Overall, Apps has the potential to be a valuable resource to anyone that likes reading about apps and the mobile world. With top tier content providers, the articles are excellent. The design is flawless and makes the app simple to navigate. The application even comes in Russian to provide a useful localization if you dont speak English. In total, this app has a lot of potential.

    And this is short summary.
    In Apps everyone finds something interesting for himself.

    ☞ Be aware of the App Store new products and updates reading the daily news and reviews.
    ☞ Be first to know about the App Store discounts and sales signing up for regular reviews of temporary free apps and discounts.
    ☞ Find high-quality, full publications with screenshots and video reviews of the world's leading portals.
    ☞ Join the discussions and review the publications. Share your opinion using the Apps as a social network.
    ☞ Write your own reviews and publish them in the Apps using Apps+.
    ☞ Share with friends publications that you liked in social networks Facebook, Twitter and Vk.

    ☞ Subscribe to all reviews published in Apps in social networks:

    The following portals are already connected to our project:
    - English:,,,,,,,,
    - Russian:,,,,,, and others.

    What do you think? =)
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