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    Happy birthday to Zqinet! Yeah, to celebrate the second anniversary of the company then we will make some activities to repay the players. The tower defense game <Bugs TD> decides to be free from Jan.23 to Feb.23, which will last for a month.
    We devote to developing high quality game and do all we can to make the game interesting. For that we updated the version constantly, and then you will experience the latest version of 1.1.1 during the free month.
    A Bugs Life is a tower defense game characterizing various kinds of bugs in a little world. Each of the 8 kinds of bugs has its own unique characteristics. Different combinations of bugs as well as 8 active skills enable ever-changing and never repeated fighting.
    The sacred tree Skills is the most important system throughout the game. The players can enhance the abilities of God Tree and bugs by upgrading God Tree Skills. Twelve kinds of enemies are never repeated ones. Even those of lowest level have unique skills and can only be defeated by some strategies.
    More than one Endless Modes are available for players to challenge their limit.
    Below are the character of the new version:
    Add equipment systems:Including 6kind x7 level equipment, which will affect the attack power and attack range.
    Add the warehouse and supplies store and the supplies store provide synthetic props.
    Add two stage new maps and two new monsters.
    Optimize the memory and switching interface.
    Increase the collection system. Every 8 hours could collect items.
    Join the VIP concept. VIP levels affect the quality of the collected items.
    Modify the main interface of the game.
    The APP no longer supports the system below iOS4.3 and the armv6 devices doesnt supported as well.
    Wish you have a good time in the bug world!
    iTunes Link:
    &lt;Bugs TD&gt; free a month to repay the players-8.jpg
    &lt;Bugs TD&gt; free a month to repay the players-1.1.jpg
    &lt;Bugs TD&gt; free a month to repay the players-3.jpg
    &lt;Bugs TD&gt; free a month to repay the players-4.jpg
    &lt;Bugs TD&gt; free a month to repay the players-5.jpg
    &lt;Bugs TD&gt; free a month to repay the players-6.jpg
    &lt;Bugs TD&gt; free a month to repay the players-7.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails &lt;Bugs TD&gt; free a month to repay the players-2.jpg  
    01-23-2013 04:24 AM
  2. zqinet's Avatar
    An interesting game and don't miss it!
    01-24-2013 03:31 AM
  3. zqinet's Avatar
    Good game. Download it and enjoy yourself!
    01-25-2013 03:58 AM
  4. zqinet's Avatar
    It is a TD game and the picture style is very nice.
    01-26-2013 02:58 AM
  5. zqinet's Avatar
    I like the cute bugs.
    01-28-2013 03:29 AM
  6. zqinet's Avatar
    The new chapter is a little difficult.
    01-29-2013 03:04 AM
  7. zqinet's Avatar
    Share with me.
    01-30-2013 03:40 AM
  8. zqinet's Avatar
    Do you like it?
    02-01-2013 03:23 AM
  9. zqinet's Avatar
    During the Chinese Spring Festival, Bugs TD update a new version. Except for fixed the bug then the system of the game also been modified which focus on the following two points:
    1. Modify the effect of Violent crystallization,which lasts 5-10 seconds. Initially adjusted to six seconds and the icon of the crystallization is placed in the top right of the screen.
    2. The first charge incentive purple weapons.
    Here I will remind the Bugs TD players Feb23 is coming and which means there is only a week remain of the free about the game in the App Store. Dont hesitate any more and click the mouse to download it.
    02-17-2013 01:26 AM
  10. zqinet's Avatar
    Only five days.
    02-18-2013 12:19 AM

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