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    Indie game developers - ChondroStrike are working on a rpg/simulation game for iOS coming soon to the App store in spring/summer 2013.

    Halfling Wars - Upcoming iOS Fantasy RPG/Simulation Game-photo-full.jpg

    It's called Halfling Wars. The entire game is built around raising and breeding elite fantasy creatures that you then battle against your friends online. You can make bets on the battles too. Bet your gold or even your creature!

    But on top of that there's a deep questing system, back story, and simulation gameplay where you play as a Halfling or Darkling and grow rare crops/herbs, build a village, and mix potions in your apothecary. All of it is connected to empowering your creatures to gain glory in the battlefield.

    Kickstarter HERE - http://kck.st/RWIZWQ

    There's only 4 days left to get your Beta copy for testing or other cool prizes that are exclusive to the Kickstarter.

    Plus they're running an iPad Mini Giveaway HERE - www.tinyurl.com/halflingwars-ipad until January 27. It only requires a $6 pledge to enter and you get extra entries for sharing. That gives you the game and an entry into the drawing. Pretty cool!

    Halfling Wars - Upcoming iOS Fantasy RPG/Simulation Game-274850_a60e9a548a1f72949c069223d161ad16.jpg
    01-22-2013 06:01 PM

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