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    Hi everyone, We are happy announce you that we had published our first Mobile Game on iOS with Unity3D 3.5. The description is shown below. Download the game on AppStore, Rate it, Review it and feel free to comment, contact us via email (cyclopwar@gmail.com)

    Cyclop War is one of the interesting and intriguing games ever created for you. The simplicity of this game make it awesome. You just need to tap on the free places and your Green Cyclops will settle themselves and fight for your win prize. The goal of the game is to get scores as many as possible.

    Find the game on Itunes
    NEW GAME!!!.... Cyclop War-mzl.odvsvsik.320x480-75.jpg
    NEW GAME!!!.... Cyclop War-mzl.zfsqzjer.320x480-75.jpg
    NEW GAME!!!.... Cyclop War-mzl.dxepkgpc.320x480-75.jpg
    01-11-2013 09:26 AM

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