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    Poached egg This is the story of an international chef who specializes in poaching eggs. But this popularity is the root of all his problems. Eggs keep in coming towards him to be poached. Sometime some eggs hatch as soon as they are touched. But some eggs turn out to be rotten and they are also ugly looking. Join in to assist this international chef if you are ready to take the challenge.

    Poached egg is a simple but interesting game available in iphone and android. It has become popular among users for its simple game play and nice artwork.

    In this game user finds eggs coming down from top of the screen. Each egg contains points which are achieved through finger tap over the eggs. However, there are black eggs which kill life of user. Also if any egg is escaped from finger tap that ends with loss of 1 life as well.
    Total 3 lives are available for a player in a game play. Thus it requires complete attention and concentration to complete any stage.
    Poached egg is an exciting fast game; player will get the adrenaline rush. With time the game gets more and more exciting. Reverie Corporation Limited (Lab Mimosa) will launch another version of the game accumulating feedback from its users.

    Game download link:
    iphone -
    android -
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    01-09-2013 03:10 AM

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