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    SpaceOff HD

    Nominated for 3 TIGA awards; Best Arcade, Best Design and Best Debut Game!

    #1 game in 12 countries!!
    #1 Action in 17 countries!!
    #1 Arcade in 15 countries!!

    ‘gameplay is unique.. very fun and addictive' 8/10 App-Score.com
    ‘.. extreme head-to-head game experience’ 4/5 Crazymikesapps.com
    ‘Fun blasting all the way.. simple to pick up and play..’ 4/5 iPhoneGamerUK

    A Retro Gaming Fan's Dream!!
    Challenge your friends to insane head-to-head local battles or compete through online leaderboards in SpaceOff, the unique physics based shooter from Totem Games!


    - A frantic, competitive shoot em up inspired by elements of classic retro games.
    - Two players on one device, battle your friends wherever you have your phone or pad.
    - Challenge friends through online leaderboards to become SpaceOff Grandmaster.
    - Fast gameplay intensifies to insane levels!
    - Simple pick up and play controls - one finger control system.
    - Defeat fierce AI opponents to unlock new features and fun.
    - Twenty Galactic arenas to unlock, all playable in both single and multi player.

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    If you have any comments, suggestions of feedback for SpaceOff, please post below!

    01-09-2013 07:26 AM
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    SpaceOff 1.284

    • Current scores are now displayed when the game is paused.
    • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
    03-23-2013 09:04 AM
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    SpaceOff 1.32

    A new update is available for SpaceOff and SpaceOff HD which improves stability and fixes some other minor issues.
    04-23-2013 07:14 AM

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