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    A new game capsize the traditional game play of casual puzzle genre.

    Clever Monkey innovate a series puzzle solving module, on the other word, a brand new game play approach based on the level design of catapult puzzle mechanism.

    The sports fans Rebecca foster a clever monkey ,but before she took a field trip she forgot leave food to feed the monkey , therefore ,the monkey enforced to search and get diversity food via his intelligence on his own, WOW what's a smart and comely monkey .

    Clever Monkey is a puzzle genre game which comprised variety physical effects , went through catapult methods to fulfill wide spectrum of puzzle solution, as a player, you will experienced significant and tremendous satisfaction and exiting which a puzzle genre possibly can brought, moreover, the 90 omnipresent joyful levels will ultimately challenge your limitation of intelligence .

    ★ The innovative chain puzzle module

    ★ A perfect combination of catapult and puzzle

    ★ Challenge your limitation of intelligence

    ★ Easy operation and easy to hands-on

    ★ 90 diversity puzzle levels roots on verity of bizarre design mindset

    ★ Support of Game center
    The chain puzzle new mode game "CleverMonkey" is availble on app store-566b3594gw1e0cqnp1bwgj.jpg
    01-08-2013 08:56 AM

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