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    > Name of Application: iBeautify: 1000 Beauty Secrets You Must Know
    > iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ibea...mUvbUpU1972434
    > Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch.


    What do you know about the newest treatment in skin therapy, laser resurfacing? Did you know that an average human being loses almost a cup of liquid a day through their feet? How to avoid bad hair days, forever? Beauty Secrets APP included more than 1000 you must know "Beauty Secret" for your life. Learn these top beauty tips and secrets from world experts and become a confident person with all these beauty secrets by your side.

    ★★★★★Feature ★★★★★

    ★ 1000+ Beauty Secrets Facts
    ★ Save your favorite beauty secrets easily and quickly.
    ★ Share your favorite beauty secrets via Email!
    ★ SMS your favorite beauty secrets!
    ★ Paste your favorite beauty secrets into Facebook, Twitter, or Safari via copy/paste function!
    ★ View all facts as a list
    ★ Randomly view facts
    ★ Navigate facts with a forward and next button.

    Hope you like this application. Have Fun!!

    01-04-2013 12:33 AM
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    For what is this forum.
    App descriptions from the App Store we can read there.
    01-04-2013 03:14 PM

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