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    Hello, everyone. Recently, I touch upon a new online game in iTunes. As a strategy fun, I'll talk about leveling insights of this game, sharing some of my game experience with you guys. I guess you will be interested in that.
    I was about lv3 by doing Princess Jennifers quest at the beginning. And then by doing the main line and branch line quests and it would be approaching lv 10 with ease. When I approached lord lv 5, I recruited a second hero, while the lord quest was unlocked. Lord quest accelerates the leveling process.
    Early game should focuses on upgrading building and doing campaigns. Buildings consume fewer resources and have shorter construction time in early game, which is an important source of experience and prosperity points. Exp. is used for leveling up lord level, and the prosperity point is used to leveling up main city level, these two are very important for new players. Here I would share a small tip for all new players.
    If you want to win from the start, you can buy the construction queue buff, so that you can construct four buildings at the same time. For the campaign, we have only two heroes before level 10. So remember to put the strong defensive hero in front, and put the ranged hero with javelin soldiers in back. In that way you can achieve maximum combat effectiveness. Another tip, under novice status, the wounded recovery rate is 100%. So make full use of it and improve the powerful hero by battles. BTW, click the chest button under the Battle of the interface will grant you some gifts, remember to grab them.
    Well, first ten levels are really smooth. If youd like to try this online strategy game, just download it here:
    Add me here if you need more interesting things about this game, and also, it will be very glad to add you as one of my neighbors in the game, for my farm need helping hands 
    At last, let me share you some pictures of my town!

    (my Town, flourishing town!)

    (My farmharvest time now)

    Just find Rise of Empire HERE!
    12-26-2012 05:43 AM

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