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    “Rage of Ninja” is an online game set in the mysterious world of ninja. In game, your journey begins in a humble village destroyed by mighty enemies, so you need to lead your people to regain its flourish. On your way to establish an unbreakable ninja kingdom, it’s necessary to train strong ninjas and research powerful kinjutsu to defeat other players and monsters! Whether you want to be the one admired or feared by the world, your dream will be realized in Rage of Ninja!
    Time to start your legend!

    -Easy to learn but difficult to master, everyone can play casually in this game. You don’t have to be an expert in strategy games to enjoy Rage of Ninja.

    -No registration required. Once in the game, there will be an extensive tutorial guide you through the pilot.

    -Stunning graphics and magnificent ninja skills bring you the most exciting experience in ninja world!

    -Wind, Water, Fire, Earth and Thunder. 5 different ninja clans await you to explore.

    -Abundant missions including daily missions, special holiday missions, you won't be lonely on your way to be a formidable ninja!

    -Win fancy treasures, epic weapons by challenging dungeons and defeating mighty bosses.

    -The unstoppable lootings and eliminations tell the world the strongest ninja village.

    -Timely push notification including enemy attacks, building upgrade, and daily tasks, pay close attention to important messages for you all the time!

    -Different path to glory, to be a feared conqueror or peaceful helper, all by your own choice!

    -Intense and exciting arena system, one-to-one battle between players at different grades, honor belongs to the ultimate winner!

    -Recruit the most powerful ninja armies with hundred kinds of mysterious Kinjutsu. You can dominate the future.

    -Ally with your friends to pursuit the glory of ninja together with more fun.

    -Interaction with the players from all over the world to make the important tactic for your powerful ninja kingdom.

    -The planting system and equipment evolution system bring you brand-new mobile game experience.

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    Game Video:
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