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    We have here some small Christmas gift for all parents. We are giving away 10 codes for Baby Monitor 3G for the fastest one.

    The Baby Monitors 3G turns any two iOS devices into one single baby monitor. One device stays in the childs room at all times, and the second device is the one you take with you. This enables you to hear every single noise from your child and you can easily to talk to and soothe your baby; if you wish, you can even see live video or pictures.

    The Baby Monitor 3G is the first app of its kind that works on both wifi and cellular networks, so all of this is permitted over any range and, with the advanced features such as the night light and the discreet vibration alarm, means that distance, time, and location are no longer a problem.

    TO get the code and redeem it on iTunes go to:

    (Link will redirect you on giveaway landing page, when just click on the button to redeem the code on iTunes)

    Let us know how you like Baby Monitor 3G and it would be great if you could write review on iTunes
    12-24-2012 10:27 AM

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