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    The greatest thing about massively multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft is that they never end. The fact that they are online-- and thus communal-- means you can continue to have new experiences until they shut off the servers. Before King of Mercs Online, though, you had to be chained to a computer to play. Say goodbye to the rest of your life. Now you could play everywhere with you mobile devices and accessible networks.

    King of Mercs Online is not a perfect game. It's copied Call of Duty, OG ROCK, Final Fantasy, Uncharted, Battle path ,Kingdom at war and many more, and while these "imposters" are never near as good as the real deal, they bring reasonable facsimiles to the mobile gaming sphere of franchises that wouldn't otherwise be ported over. For this they should be praised.

    Clone or not, King of Mercs is just a joy to play, assuming you get into the whole MMORPG scene. You pick a server, race, and immediately you commence the questing. The quest is completely simple but at least written well enough to make the quests interesting.

    Preview of new IOS MMO+SNS game!--King of Mercs (App Store)-zz22f_xgipad.jpg
    The main UI is simple and direct, sufficing for casual play as is. You're given several buildings of the screen, allowing you to quickly click and select. The player function menu button is retractable on the bottom left of the screen,allowing you to have a better user experience.

    With each level, you get 5 attribution points that upgrades your existing abilities-HP /EP /SP /POWER. You'll also find that you'll spend less time buying items from Props shop, as the best weapons and armors will be collected from quests or drop items. As in WoW, you can further specialize in areas like making armors and weapons,but the game economy feels less important than in other major MMOs.

    Preview of new IOS MMO+SNS game!--King of Mercs (App Store)-6.png

    The game, thus far, has been pretty popular on our server, which is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it makes picking up several friends for a quest outing incredibly easy. On the other hand, though, there are many quests that require HP/EP, meaning you have to seize a seat in kinds of Temples where you can recover 3times fast.You may find a dozen or more players hanging around waiting for the seat which makes it a game of "who can click the seat the fastest."Especially in Zeus Temple where the stronger players PK for extensive EXP. Tons of players will contest for occupying this seat even several seconds. In this screen, you will experience the most cruel part of human nature.

    Preview of new IOS MMO+SNS game!--King of Mercs (App Store)-zeus-temple.png

    The guild feature is the most exciting part of the game. It's where you belong to or your own creation. Hundreds of players may join the guild and under take the guild tasks together for promotion and ranking high in the guild list. The president or the vice presidents may organize the troops to attend the Guild war regularly in a week. It needs real strategy and in-guild coordination because the rule is somewhat tricky-the winner will get 3 points,loser will get 1 point and only the active attack can be counted. This means even the weak guild members can rush up in crowds to actively attack the stronger at the same time and get 4,5 or more points when the stronger can fight back only one time for 3 points. Of course, daily communal and management is lack less.The guild leaders shall treat their army men as real soldiers, then you can expect they attend the battle actively and orderly.

    KOM provide the players 3 chat channels to enjoy live interaction with bros and whole mercs. The world chat, with a giant horn, enables U to make important announcement to the whole world. The guild chat makes easy and efficient way to discuss strategy . Private chat helps U intimately contacting your friends.

    Preview of new IOS MMO+SNS game!--King of Mercs (App Store)-guild.png

    And that pretty much sums up the game. MMORPGs are rarely that complex, once you learn the mechanics. Pick up quests, complete them, level up, repeat. Spend more time in guilds and among friends is my advice. King of Mercs features around 500 right now, with more surely on the way, so it'll keep you busy for a long while. If you're not spending all of your free time already addicted to WoW, you'll definitely want to give this a shot. It's by far the best mobile offering in the genre. It looks good, plays well, and is fun. Oh, and it's FREE. What more needs to be said?
    12-22-2012 10:47 PM
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    We're about to launch the game in January. Pls come to visit facebook.com/KOMERCS.US if you wanna know more. Give us a like , U will get our promo code. Only 50 gifts, first come ,first serve.
    12-26-2012 09:49 AM

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