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    Unique Double Conjugator App displays Spanish conjugations together with their exact English counterparts for over 11,000 verbs. The app handles 17 tenses, plus you can type in an already-conjugated verb and the app will de-conjugate it to get the infinitive. WORKS OFFLINE except for the pronunciation feature.

    Also, it shows 12 types of verbs and a brief and clear explanation for each of them, including the subject and direct object they use, if any, and other useful information. The search can be from Spanish to English or from English to Spanish, and there are many more options, as shown in the list below:

    Conjugations in 17 different tenses (conjugates and de-conjugates).
    There are 12 verb types and a brief explanation of each, with information on the subject and direct object they use, if any.
    Indicates whether the verbs are regular or irregular, and provides guideline examples.
    9,000+ different Spanish verbs with over 11,000 meanings (simple one-word verbs).
    7,000+ different English verbs with over 11,000 meanings (one-word verbs and also phrasal verbs).
    Has a pronunciation feature for pronouncing in both Spanish and English (works only online).
    Spanish can be pronounced in American or European Spanish, and English in American or British English (works only online).
    Works offline (except for the pronunciation feature, which works only online).
    You can list your Favorites, your History, and share by email.
    Attached Thumbnails New Release English-Spanish Verbs v1.0-verb2.png   New Release English-Spanish Verbs v1.0-verb3.png   New Release English-Spanish Verbs v1.0-verb4.png   New Release English-Spanish Verbs v1.0-verb5.png   New Release English-Spanish Verbs v1.0-verbs1.png  

    12-13-2012 01:52 PM

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