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    Can you become the ultimate sports tycoon?

    Sports Store Tycoon: The new tycoon game for IPAD Launched-game-icons.png

    Independent developer Zealcity Studios is proud to announce the release of Sports Store Tycoon exclusively available for the Apple iPad. Fans of the genre will love this title as it includes everything players have come to expect from the best of tycoon games fun, intellectual, addicting and exciting!
    The Story

    In a city where sports are worshiped on par with religion, the monopolistic supremacy of the Sports Zone franchise has hampered the spirits and livelihood of its citizens. Without any answers and hope of resolution, the mayor of the city turns to you in an attempt to resurrect the city. Can you become a successful business tycoon in a struggling economy? Can you make money in a time when everybody else is closing down? Do you have what it takes to compete against a large retail giant with absolutely no morals or code of ethics?

    You play the role of a small sports store owner in Sport City with the ultimate goal of making it to the top of the sports store business. Get ready to face some stiff competition from the top brands, and expect plenty of heat from unforgiving customers! Sports Store Tycoon will make you challenge your decisions as you climb the ranks in a very competitive business. Use any means possible to achieve your goal: play fair, be ruthless, or even cheat your way to the top

    Sports Store Tycoon for the Apple iPad Features:

    More than 20 different hard-to-please customers
    More than 50 products to be unlocked
    Variety of Promotional plans to gain popularity
    Buy honestly or smuggle your way to the top
    Game Center Support
    Over 30 achievements
    Exclusive leader-boards
    FREE updates
    Daily newspaper updates
    Dodge the Inspectors and create more wealth
    Take out loans and grow faster

    Sports Store Tycoon is available exclusively for the Apple iPad from here:

    Sports Store tycoon for the Ipad

    A version of the game compatible with the Apple iPhone and the Apple iPod touch is currently in development and is scheduled for a release in the near future.

    Catch our latest game promo here:

    I would love to have your feedback and answer any questions that you might have.

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