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    Hi Everyone

    Traffic War has finally Officially launched, check it out now (Itunes Link Below), play by yourself or challenge your friends and post your high-score on the worldwide online leader-board!!

    As our aim is to give you the most enjoyable game, please let us know of any improvements or faults.


    Thanks =)

    Traffic War Game Redefines Mobile Gaming

    Introducing Traffic War - Do you like a challenge and competition ?

    Avenuesocial Inc. is excited to announce the launch of Traffic War, an innovative revolutionary new game for iPhone users. Introducing a new genre of arcade games, Traffic War completely revolutionizes the mobile gaming industry. By playing this game, users get an opportunity to test their co-ordination, brain processing speed and reaction time by challenging their minds agility.

    Traffic War offers a variety of vehicles (boats, cars or airplanes) to choose from. Users draw a path with their finger to guide vehicles to their designated gates making sure they do not collide and crash with other vehicles. Be prepared to challenge the agility and swiftness of your mind with newer and faster vehicles appearing after clearing each set of vehicles.

    Additionally, Traffic War gives user the opportunity to challenge their friends via Facebook and all the users of the Traffic War game across the globe using an interactive online leader board.

    Traffic War has officially launched and is available on the ITunes App Store or via Best Virtual Mobile Traffic War Game | Play Cool iPhone World War Games.

    You can also follow Traffic War on the Traffic War Facebook Fanpage.
    12-01-2012 01:52 AM

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