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    Crazy decent level based btb-runner, worth checking out for free.

    B]Description: [/B]
    Only you can save the Mashuran Empire!

    Something terrible has happened! The crafty kobolds have stolen the crystals! Crystals that held the most dangerous monster in the world in captivity! Now that the monster has broken free, it could destroy the Empire! Only you, the bravest paladin in the land, a warrior of goodness and light, can return the crystals, lock the monster up once again, and save the Empire from destruction!

    Infinity Run 3D is a captivating arcade game with role-playing elements. You have to help the hero defeat the crafty kobolds and return the crystals. Your journey will take you through different zones divided into levels. Each level has obstacles to avoid, vicious monsters to destroy, and coins to collect. As you play, youll earn new weapons and equipment and, once the crystals are returned, love and recognition from the people of the Empire!

    Game features:

    - More than 30 fascinating levels in 5 different zones
    - An assortment of obstacles, monsters, and bonuses
    - Equipment upgrades which give you additional bonuses
    - Unique boss battles
    - Gorgeous 3D graphics
    - Unique level designs which never get boring
    - Future updates

    iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/infi...mUvbUpU1961337
    11-30-2012 11:44 AM

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