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    Hey guys!

    I'm looking for something quite specific and I sure hope iMore's app expert community won't let me down!
    Okay, here's the situation:

    Have you ever used one of those remote mouse/trackpad/keyboard apps? I'm looking for something very similar, but with a few twists.
    The app will be used as a game controller - you know, for games that require 4-10 buttons and no mouse. Here's the hard part: I want to be able to choose which keys I see on the device. Furthermore I want to be able to reposition and resize those keys so I can create controller layouts that work for the specific game. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Oh! One more thing - it's not a huge deal, but I would love it if the app could replace the left and right arrow keys with motion from the accelerometer (that would be great for racers!)

    Thanks for reading everything and I look forward to your suggestions!
    11-23-2012 05:23 PM

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