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  1. Hampo's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I have an I Phone 4S and went overseas 2 weeks ago. Prior to going I turned off my Cellular Data, Enable 3G and Data Roaming and upon my return I turned them back on.

    I have tried to use the " Maps " however all I get is a single coloured screen (mustart colour) with no features at all, i.e. streets, house blocks, rivers, ocean etc etc etc. All I get is the blue dot to identify where I am on the map albeit that I cannot see anything else.

    Interesting though is that I have also downloaded the apps Ship Find and Plane Find (Free versions) both of which worked prior to my departure and as per the above I can see the ships and planes respectively but cannot see any mapping information.

    I suspect I have missed something but cannot for the life of me find it. I have tried turning the phone off and on again but to no avail.

    Any help insolving this problem would be greatly apprecited.

    Many thanks in anticipation.

    Kind Regards,

    11-23-2012 01:30 AM
  2. Lightingguy55's Avatar
    So the map graphics are not downloading.

    Try isolating the issue to data sent via 3G by switching to Airplane Mode. Then enable WiFi to a known good connection, and stand near a window (make sure Location Services is ON) so that the phone can see some GPS . See if the map data will download via WiFi. Possibly that will help identify if it's a cell network issue or map app issue.

    Possibly you may be having a Lost GPS issue, which results in Maps not knowing which graphics set to download.. A stand-alone GPS device, such as Garmin, TomTom etc... wants to be "told" where on the planet it's located so as to know what GPS satellites to start listening to. When you re-locate the device to a location out of where it thinks is home, you need to tell it that it's moved. Cell GPS get's it's initial starting location from the cell service, thus there's no initial setup for the GPS device and is why a cell phone GPS can do an initial location faster then a stand-alone.

    It sound like possibly your phone GPS does not know you're home, so possibly turning off/on Location Services will reset the GPS
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    11-23-2012 07:49 AM
  3. Hampo's Avatar
    Hi Lightingguy55 and thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my post it is greatly appreciated.

    I have done all that you described above to no avail. Turning off the Location Services simply takes away the little blue dot that identifies exactly where one is and turning it back on reintroduces it. All the background mapping information remains blank. When I go to the satalight view I get nothing but a black screen, again no mapping/picture informtion at all. I have tried all that you suggested above which has included rebooting the phone on each occasion however nothing along those lines seems to work.

    The problem lies in importing the GPS mapping/picture information as far as I can understand the logic.

    Will have to wait till next time I visit an Apple store to see if they have any ideas on how to rectify the problem.

    Again many and sincere thanks for taking the time to assist me it is appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    11-24-2012 12:49 AM
  4. Jerry_'s Avatar
    I suggest you try switching (= powering) off your 4s, wait 2 minutes and then restart it. This should clear any residual data and programs.

    Do not expect to have the graphs imediately, but give it a few minutes (maybe up to 10) while having both a good quality cell antenna signal and having the phone close to a window to get a GPS signal.

    I think the 4s has a GPSA receiver, which is a GPS receiver Assisted by antenna signals.

    Hope this helps.
    11-24-2012 02:46 AM
  5. Lightingguy55's Avatar

    Please follow thru with an update when/if you solve the problem. I intend to use my 4S in Europe with an unlocked SIM card, and woudl like to be aware of potential issues and problems.

    Good luck with it.

    11-24-2012 09:09 AM

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