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    We recently released AltPhoto, our first iPhone photography application. We have been part of the Photoshop world for almost 20 years. AltPhoto contains some of our well researched film looks in a fast easy to use mobile tool.

    AltPhoto was designed for quick shooting on the go. We focused on speed and simplicity rather than the precise control of our desktop products like Exposure. It's available on the App Store for $.99.

    We are regularly updating AltPhoto to make it better, faster, and easier to use. Below are some screenshots of the interface, along with some example images taken with AltPhoto. We welcome comments from the community. What could AltPhoto do to make your iPhone photography better?

    Follow us on your choice of social media platforms. If you use Instagram or Twitter, make sure to participate in our weekly photo projects
    by tagging your image with #altphoto.

    Twitter - @AltPhoto
    Instagram - AltPhotoApp
    Facebook -

    Example Images

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