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    If you ever had a dream that you are a knight in the mysterious kingdom and you received the mission to help the princess. Here’s A Brand New Game Experience.

    Celebrate The Joyful Holiday Thanksgiving.

    Balloon Dragon

    The Best Gift for Everyone and Now Free. So, Grab it and enjoy it this holiday!!

    The storyline of Balloon Dragon is about poor Adam, a former prince who ran from the palace to escape the war. During he meet Lucia at Simon’s store, Lucia was kidnapped by Dragula and The Darklord. At this moment, he must become a brave man and fly with Balgon which is Simon’s dragon to start an adventure in the mystery land to rescue Lucia, and now he can’t escape again. Balloon Dragon is a enjoyable game for everyone and you can play it to kill the time when you are free.

    In this game, The player should take Adam fly with Balgon as far as you can and you needs to control the Balgon to avoid mysterious obstacles. Player can enjoy collecting coins to buy more awesome equipment, upgrade Balgon and more secret items from Simon’s Store. The player will encounter a lot of exciting thing (e.g. the secret abilities in the magic potion and awesome outfits.) In Balloon Dragon, The unique feature is day and night mode by real time, it will automatic switch to day or night mode. When the you fly for a while, you will see the animal on the ground, you should feed Balgon with an animal to tranform it into a more powerful dragon. When player get the best score, you can share it to your friend on Facebook and make them envy!

    ## If you looking for the best gift for the holidays, Balloon Dragon is a good choice. You can gift out this game to your kids, family, friends and your love to enjoy with you too. ##

    Balloon Dragon is now Free (was $0.99) and exclusively available for iPhone and iPad.

    Hold on to Balgon and let’s adventure in the mystery kingdom.
    Download Here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ball...mUvbUpU1957198

    Check Out Official Video Trailer:
    11-19-2012 10:26 PM

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