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    About App

    iOS6 compatible.

    ♠Do you like a real live unique wallpaper weather app with additional more than 10 functions in a single app???♠


Weather Widgets is the most innovative and state of art design to make use of camera and built-in light combining weather information to form a multi-functional widget app.

    WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET for your apps background.
    !!!The best background design is the VIEW you see!!!

    Weather Widgets has multiple features:
 - refreshable most accurate weather report based on either GPS location or selected location which covers everywhere in the world
☀ LIVE WALLPAPER - what you see is what you get background with all the information clearly show on the foreground
    ☀ CAMERA
 - take photo with weather information as foreground so that you know whats the weather and location where you shoot the photos
☀ RSS feed customizable favorite RSS feed. Scroll up and down to see different feeds and click the topic to see the feed details
☀ STYLISH STOPWATCH circular transparent stopwatch with lap function
☀ TORCH handy one touch light on torch
 - accurate and reliable 5-days forecast
☀ ALARM easy to set alarm with ringtone or bell sound
☀ CLOCK animated flip clock with animation when changing time
    ☀ MIRROR flip camera to act as a mirror
    ☀ BATTERY INDICATOR accurately show your battery usage


    11-05-2012 07:52 AM

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