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    ☆★☆ Downloading Million times, rating 4.9 on average, this is iphone's must-have application! ☆★☆

    ✔ You can see video clips at any time without buffering by storing video clips on the website such as Youtube, Ted, and Dailymotion.
    ✔ Let's see all the video clips such as music videos, dramas, movies, animation, sports, lectures, and TV programs without buffering.
    ✔ By providing intuitional interface, anybody can use this service.

    [How to Use]

    1. Replay the video clip you want to see.
    2. Click "Download".
    3. Choose the title.
    4. Enjoy the downloaded video clip.

    [Main Functions]

    1. It is possible to download from all the replayable sites such as
    Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Veoh, Tudou, DaumTV, Naver, 56, x17video, 4shared, aniboom, blinkx, blip,
    break, buzznet, engagemedia, godtube, liveleak, metacafe, sapo, vbox7 and more site!

    2. Folder function - By managing folders designating beautiful colors, you can replay the list by the folder.

    3. Video clip bookmark function - By making bookmark list separate from folders, you can replay in the form of Jukebox.

    4. Fast bookmark function - When you click ★ while watching the video clips, it is automatically added to bookmark list.

    5. Site bookmark function - You can add and manage the sites you mainly use to download.

    6. Display turnover function - You can replay the previous image and the next image by using finger left-right slide.
    (When you dont' slide, the next image is replayed as soon as the video clip play is done.)

    7. Folder holding function - When there are some images you want to see only by yourself, you can manage by setting the pin number.

    8. Arrangement function - You can arrange by recent order, name order, user order.

    9. Easy arrangement - You can easily arrange while pushing the list.

    10. Background play - You can chat by SNS or do other work whlie listening to music.

    11. It provides Somenail of the image replayed on the locked screen.

    12. IT transmits downloaded files into your computer and loaded computer files in itunes.

    13. Cameraroll transmission - File cameraroll transmission, folder cameraroll transmission.

    14. Turbo mode provides you with downloading 4 times faster than general mode.(Fast downloading)

    15. It provides random play, one-song repetition, every-song repetition

    16. It provides Homebutton.

    17. It provides Easy Manual

    18. You can share facebook or twitter

    * Plus version image can be stored up to 10.

    [Image buffet only highdownload provides]

    Without searching, you can download newest data (music,etc) fast.

    Hi Download Movie Buffet

    * Image buffet is updated on a daily basis.

    [Facebook Pages]

    Hi Download Pro Community | Facebook


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    1.21 version updated.
    support easy music player and all download mode
    01-16-2013 04:40 PM
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    Limited Time Sale: 75% OFF! ($3.99->$0.99)
    01-30-2013 07:42 PM
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    1.22 version updated.
    02-19-2013 07:18 PM
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    Limited Time Sale: 50% OFF!! (US$3.99 -> US$1.99)
    Hi Download Pro 1.17v (Video Downloader)-higreenpro144.png
    02-27-2013 04:31 AM

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