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    Put your memory and dexterity to the ultimate test in Hack Attack! Decode bugs and viruses, defeat their attempts to compromise your system, and deploy a variety of power-ups to help you defend yourself as the bugs get faster and more numerous. Fight back - Hack Attack!

    Hack Attack HD includes:

    * Unique gameplay
    * Action oriented gameplay
    * High Def cartoonish characters
    * Use touch or swipe gestures, whichever suits your play style
    * Internet high score tracking
    * Un-lockable level with more to follow

    Check it out on iTunes:
    iTunes Link:

    Hack Attack HD-img_0286.pngHack Attack HD-img_0294.pngHack Attack HD-img_0295.pngAttachment 22011Hack Attack HD-img_0293.png
    Attached Thumbnails Hack Attack HD-img_0304.png  
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