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    Webelinx has released a new game that gives users the task to help ninja warrior free the Japanese people from the reign of evil daimyos. Users can enjoy playing this game both on iPhone and iPad, as well as on their Android phones and tablets. Users can download this game on iTunes Store.


    “Ninja Run” is about a ninja who has the mission to save the peasants from the reign of the corrupted daimyos that are stealing from them and torturing them. While was a little boy, he lost his parents in a plague, and was found by an old ninja who taught him the art of ninjutsu. Now, he is the black ninja and he is ready to defeat corrupted shogun and his daimyos. Black Ninja travels through the towns of Ancient Japan and defeats local daimyos. Users have the task to help ninja run through each of these towns and escape as fast as possible. They also have to help him collect as many coins as possible and return them to hungry peasants. There are four types of enemy ninjas that will try to stop black ninja from escaping the town, and users have to find the way to defeat or avoid each one of them. Users have the help of superpowers, such as power dash, double jump and power jump, and power-ups that make ninja run faster and destroy everything in his way.

    Ninja Run - New Free Game-mzl.tulaknod.320x480-75.jpg

    Ninja Run - New Free Game-mzl.ihuajfhk.320x480-75.jpg

    Ninja Run - New Free Game-mzl.cocmbywo.320x480-75.jpg

    Ninja Run - New Free Game-mzl.dcmhunhq.320x480-75.jpg


    ✔ Escape from the village as fast as you can to earn bonus coins for the peasants!
    ✔ Use jumps to escape the town faster (single jump, double jump and power jump)!
    ✔ Use power dash to get an instant speedup and destroy all the obstacles in front of you!
    ✔ Collect power-ups that allow you to run faster and smash all the obstacles on your way!
    ✔ 4 types of enemy ninjas!

    Extremely addictive gameplay! Improve Your Ninja skill! Go through a ton of different levels to complete your Ninja training!

    iTunes Link:
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