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    If steve jobs alive. He may said about Youtube.

    "Stay buffering Stay foolish." So I use video download app.

    This is "Hi Download" => I think this is best app.

    Bilboard chart on web. I recommand to u that use to Turbo mode function in "Hi Download".


    ************************************************** ****************
    If can't download Youtube then -> Delete "denined_Domain_List.txt" file.
    Step 1. Open your iTunes.
    Step 2. Select your device
    Step 3. Select application
    Step 4. Scroll down. and Select "Hi Download"
    Step 5. Delete "denined_Domain_List.txt" file.
    then you can download youtube.

    more info <a href=> Hi World Music Video: Hi Download Hi World Music Video: Hi Download </a>]
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