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    Question: where do berries grow? If you are a spider the answer is on a tree!

    Welcome to "Plingi Juggle" - a wild new arcade challenge where you dash back and forth with a spiderweb bouncing falling berries from their tree to your bucker without letting them fall on the ground! Quick reaction required - berries won't wait for you!

    Plingi Juggle - arcade romp to practice berries juggling-mzl.mausrqyy.320x480-75.jpg

    Plingi Juggle Features:

    - Interactive leaderboards

    - Lightning quick arcade gameplay & responsive controls and vibrant graphics

    - Extra lives available instantly via in-app purchase.

    iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/plingi-juggle/id566546210?


    Plingi Juggle - arcade romp to practice berries juggling-mzl.nzajhdmf.320x480-75.jpg

    Plingi Juggle - arcade romp to practice berries juggling-mzl.qnybudns.320x480-75.jpg
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    10-26-2012 10:27 AM
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    Check the game video :o

    Have you managed to get all the berries or they turned into a jam right away?

    Please share your opinion -- we need to know it to improve the game!
    10-30-2012 06:32 AM
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    I wonder if there are levels since I`m stuck with the same task and it seems that the spiders are already winking at me
    11-08-2012 10:58 AM

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