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    The award winning word game WordsWorth has entered the iPhone 5 era with the latest version 4.0 - Word Gamers can now play WordsWorth on the gorgeous 4 display of the iPhone 5 .

    But Wait! There are more changes under the hood! WordsWorth now has a new system of scoring called Star. Making words using tiles with more dots earns the player more Stars, which can be used to Unlock 4 New Power-Ups within the Game.

    Yes folks! There are 4 New Power-Ups designed to Amp Up your gaming experience on WordsWorth. The Power-Ups, 2 of which can be used in every game are detailed below:

    - FINDER: Locates the best word in the grid.
    - REPLACER: Replaces all instances of a letter with one of the players choice
    - RESETTER: Resets the Timed Tile back to zero
    - REVIVER: Earns a new life and continues the game

    We have also added Two new clubs - Word Crunchers Elite and Ultimate Word Crunchers!

    Apart from this, WordsWorth has now gone Universal You can play the game on both the iPhone and the iPad!

    The Word Adventure Begins again with WordsWorth v4.0. Get it here for your iPhone & iPad: http://itunes.apple.com/app/wordswor...mUvbUpU1944687

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    10-24-2012 02:36 PM

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