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    Wind-up Maze HD is now available in the App Store for only $.99!

    Wind-Up Maze HD is a different kind of maze game. The object of the game is to get the mouse to the end of the maze while collecting as much cheese as you can. What makes Wind-Up Maze HD different is the fact that the mouse guides itself through the maze. Your job is the customize the maze in order to create a path for the mouse to successfully reach the end. Can you find the best way through the 30 mazes?

    Wind-up Maze HD is currently an iPad only game but fear not, an iPhone/iPod version is in the works and should be available very soon.

    Check out my website for more information. Studio327 Interactive
    Attached Thumbnails Wind-Up Maze HD! Available now for iPad-425803_529500910410339_1042116438_n.jpg   Wind-Up Maze HD! Available now for iPad-73917_529501027076994_1888507892_n.jpg   Wind-Up Maze HD! Available now for iPad-150335_529501100410320_1576021588_n.jpg   Wind-Up Maze HD! Available now for iPad-485677_529500953743668_1112932740_n.jpg  
    10-23-2012 06:48 AM

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