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    Magnet Boy will show you how the real magnet based game should look like!

    The Story:

    Out in space a brilliant professor has been busy constructing awesome robots, but when a villain envious of the professors robotic successes decides to crash the party - along with every robot the professor created - to pieces, its up to Magnet Boy to scavenge for every part of every robot and put them back together!

    It features:
    • 4 Unique level packs with 20 different levels each for 80 total levels to play through!
    • A 3 star level rating system that doesn’t just challenge players to find every robot piece but find them as effectively as possible to make each of the 4 robots they re-create fully colored and complete!
    • Intuitive gameplay and easy gesture mean Magnet Boy is accessible to every level of player!
    • Fun game twists in every pack including portals, dangerous black holes, and more to keep gameplay fresh and exciting!
    • Powerful physics engine to ensure Magnet Boy flies, falls, sticks, and bounces just how you expect him too!
    • Vibrantly colorful cartoon animations and smoothly animated gameplay

    Stay Tuned!....

    Magnet Boy is about to hit the App Store-01.jpgMagnet Boy is about to hit the App Store-02.jpgMagnet Boy is about to hit the App Store-03.jpgMagnet Boy is about to hit the App Store-04.jpgMagnet Boy is about to hit the App Store-05.jpg
    10-22-2012 09:56 AM
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    Can check out its video trailer here -->

    PS. Ok-ok, if you Really can't wait - here are some promo codes to grab 2 copies prior its release

    10-23-2012 07:03 AM
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    Here you go! It's free and waiting for you to be downloaded!


    Magnet Boy is about to hit the App Store-mzl.wrrhbaie.320x480-75.jpg Magnet Boy is about to hit the App Store-mzl.kgerxnyl.320x480-75.jpg
    10-24-2012 06:53 AM

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