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    Pixel Druids Studios is Memory card game with Halloween Symbols, in which all of the cards are laid face down on a surface and two cards are flipped face up over each turn. The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards.

    This game is casual enough that you can play while watching your favorite scary movie, but is challenging enough that you may lose your head if you donít watch out. Halloween Memories 2 is a fun way to get you in the mood for scary movies, black and orange candy, and the overall fun of Halloween.

    This App is available for all iPhone and iPad models.

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    Halloween Memories 2 is also Available at Amazon App Store

    For any suggestion contact us at: games@pixeldruids.com

    Halloween Memories 2-1024.pngHalloween Memories 2-1024_2.pngHalloween Memories 2-icon-2x.png
    10-19-2012 06:39 AM
  2. radnussrini's Avatar
    Scary Mood
    10-20-2012 10:32 AM

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