1. RedLine78's Avatar
    Hi guys, I have iPhone 5 and I have this issue where when I am downloading an app, I would get this error message saying App is not available to download and I get the choice of "Retry" or "Cancel?". Anyways, when I choose "Retry" it usually doesn't work. I have to hit "Cancel" and try and tap on the app to get it to download again. Usually, I have to do this process 3, 4 or 5 times before it will actually start downloading. I get this same issue whenever I am trying to Update a bunch of apps too. I get this same issue on my iPad 3. It happens only after iOS 6 update for me. Just wondering if anyone else get this too?
    10-12-2012 10:53 PM
  2. Peligro911's Avatar
    Nope not here ... Maybe is a router issue or something ...or you might need to restore
    10-12-2012 11:31 PM
  3. boogaloo1's Avatar
    Getting the same thing. Sprint iPhone 5.
    10-12-2012 11:32 PM
  4. boogaloo1's Avatar
    Mine only happens when on 3G, not wifi.
    10-12-2012 11:32 PM
  5. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    I've had that happen as well. I think it's always been on a 3G signal.
    10-13-2012 10:56 AM
  6. RedLine78's Avatar
    I forgot to specify that I was getting that problem on WiFi signal. I haven't tried this on AT&T's 3G yet. I have my iPad 3 since launch date and been using it since then. I didn't have this problem on OS 5.1.1. Only after upgrading to OS 6, my iPad have this issue. As for my iPhone 5, I activated fresh with no restore from back up.
    10-14-2012 12:37 AM
  7. iEd's Avatar
    This happens to me from time to time on wifi with my 4s. It was really bad when I first updated to iOS 6 on my iPad 2. It happened yesterday when I was updating Yelp on my 4s. I just came out of the app store then deleted Yelp then reinstalled it and it went through fine. I think it's a issue with iOS 6
    10-14-2012 12:46 AM
  8. emscapt47's Avatar
    It's been doing the same for me and my wife I thought it was my wifi but it does it at work also. Forgot I have a 4s on Verizon
    10-14-2012 01:11 AM
  9. michikade#AC's Avatar
    I have that problem on wifi on occasion. But my phone suffers from the bizarre wifi glitch that some iPhone 5s have, so that may be why mines behaving that way.

    Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
    10-14-2012 02:09 AM
  10. ALborntoride's Avatar
    This has happened to me a few times as well. I have a 5 on Verizon but after the Verizon update (13.1) i haven't had any problems. U might try resetting your router....that's what i had to do before the update to stay connected to wifi which might be what's causing your app's to not update...not having a good connection.
    10-14-2012 08:04 AM

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