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    I wanted to share with everyone our new app Bibo. Bibo is an app that help you find closets relevant drinks based on your phones GPS coordinates. Simply put Bibo= yelp + instagram + Foursquare + more. We are planning on launching it in mid November with beta testing before that. Check out our site and tell us what you think all feed back is welcome!

    Also if you are interested in beta testing or just want the app we are giving out dibs on users names. Just fill in your email address on the website and we'll hook you up!

    You can see screen shots and watch our video at
    oh Bibo is 100% Free!


    Attached Thumbnails Bibo  your drink search, rating and sharing app. Coming soon for the iPhone.-bibo-featured-pic7.png  
    10-11-2012 03:48 PM

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