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    Now you download 21 candies free offer!!!
    Hello Kitty Coffee for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    ★ Invite your friends to Hello Kitty Coffee !! Now available on iOS also!
    We are looking for the owner of Hello Kitty Coffee ~ ♥

    Would you like to become the happy coffee shop owner?
    You can employ Hello Kitty and friends as waiter and waitress. Now run your own shop!

    Hello Kitty chef personally cooks delicious bread and beverage !
    You can cook more various kind of menu as your level increase

    Decorate your shop with charming interior item!
    Cute interior will attract more customers?

    Hello Kitty and friends offers a fantasy world!
    Now, the sweet dreams you had will come true.

    Become a Hello Kitty Coffee owner now!

    ♥Game feature♥
    1. Cute characters
    Hello Kitty and friends are the cutest charecters! You can't take your eyes off for even a second

    2. Character decorating function
    You can choose various kinds of custume. Finish decorating Hello Kitty and her boyfriend Dear Daniel!

    3. Cute menu & item
    The actual offline Hello Kitty menu and shop menu is in the mobile?! You can see the actual cake, beverage, table and hundred kinds of various shop items.

    4. Special collection item
    You can collect special collection items through shop customer or the vending machine. Gather special collection items! Don't forget that you will receive a reward as you complete the different types of collection items.

    5. Character employ and vacation
    You can employ Hello Kitty friends as chef and waiter, and also give them vacation. Isn't it a good idea to give them vacation on a free day?

    6. Present Capsule
    Special items capsule! Wonder what kind of present will come out? If you are lucky you can get a collection item!? From interior item to pretty character custume! Try the present capsule!

    ♥Additional Function♥
    Social function with friends
    Now you can add friends and enjoy Hello Kitty Coffee together. You can also visit your friends' shop We hope you expect the new function of Hello Kitty Coffee social function.

    10-04-2012 12:29 AM

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