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    Have you already tried iOS6's Do Not Disturb feature to block unwanted calls and notifications when sleeping or just taking a technology break ?

    Apple introduced the long-awaited DND feature on iOS6 permitting to whitelist contacts using favorites or an address book group. Alas, iOS doesn't provide a way to create and manage groups! And what if you want more control, for example to whitelist more than one group at the same time?
    "Do Not Disturb Whitelist" is a nice utility to overcome these limitations allowing to manage who is in the whitelist for DND with ease. The app has a simple and efficient All / Whitelisted view where you can list or delist contacts very easily; you can also whitelist entire groups at once.

    ▪ Configure DND once on settings, then access the whitelist with one tap on the app's icon instead of going deep into the Settings app menu tree
    ▪ List and delist contacts with a single tap
    ▪ Whitelist entire groups
    ▪ Easy to use!

    Do Not Disturb Whitelist is available starting today for $1.99 on the AppStore.

    iTunes link: Do Not Disturb Whitelist

    Redbits iOS Apps is a small team located in Italy focused primarily on productivity apps. Our first product was available on the AppStore's Day One. Our most popular apps are Group Text!, Group Email! and ABContacts.
    iTunes link to all our apps: All Apps
    09-29-2012 06:45 AM
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    Andrea - this is a great and very timely app! I checked our a lot of your portfolio and am looking to build out the productivity section of my business. Would you be interested in selling this, or any of your other apps for the right price?
    10-03-2012 11:24 AM

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