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    Ladybug's Box is an award winning video game designed to teach math to every child in the world!

    Mathematical Concepts approached by Ladybug's Box:
    + Spatial Thinking (Giving directions/ working with maps)
    + Patterns
    + Counting and Subitizing
    + Calculations
    + Identifying Shapes

    In May, 2011 we took first prize in the 2nd European Best Serious Gaming Competition organized by the LUDUS project as Best Concept/Idea. The next step then was its implementation. We did not just want to create a simple game. We wanted to create a game that had the potential to reach every kid on the planet and motivate them to learn math - a simple tool which can allow children anywhere to propel themselves forward through education!

    +1st Prize as Best Concept/Idea in 2nd European Serious Gaming Competition

    09-28-2012 10:00 AM

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