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    Tetris swept the world makes its comeback, Finger vs Block with the classic memories and innovative gameplay returned AppStore rankings. Since it is just freshly baked, naturally, can not to be missed!

    Its said that it is the living brick comes from Planet Blah Blah. It seemed to be simple, but has endless magic. The game has delicate screen, colorful background, vivid and smooth animation effects. Small octopus reaches its head from time to time during the game, funny and childlike.

    Let me talk about the classic mode first, it provides players with five scenes that can store scores. You can play it with your friends together.

    Game designers designed a lot of items, such as a new storage mode. If the living brick is not you wanted temporarily, it can be stored. Afterward to meet immediate needs. For example: the long one, ha ha, you know it!

    The innovative gameplay----HIT mode, the choice of the level seems a little fall into the stereotypes, but the colorful picture will make you happy. Let us to crack a series of levels.

    You can make 4 bricks go away before every block falls down in limited time in the HIT mode. You should pay attention to the time. When its time to end the living brick will rapidly fall. HIT mode is from simple to difficult. The more often you play it, the more passion you will get.

    After reading these, I believe you have a certain understanding of the game. Personally, this is definitely an iOS game that makes you feel relaxed. Not to be missed!

    iPhone/iPad: App Store - Finger vs Block
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    09-21-2012 02:00 AM