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    How long do you reckon you can survive in a never-ending sea of monsters? Have you got what it takes to challenge the Armed Beasts? Fancy your chances competing against your friends? If so, prepare yourself for Armed Beasts: the coolest, most-thrilling and realistic 3D game ever released!

    *Combines the most exciting features from both Shoot’Em Up and Action & Adventure games.
    *Originally themed 3D game.
    *Six thrilling stages featuring the legendary mystical creatures.
    *Six types of firearms each with its distinguished characteristics.
    *Power-up items that cause extraordinary damages.
    *Infinite game ranking and playability.
    *Fun mini games allowing you to easily earn money for upgrades.
    * Auto firing
    *Brag about your high scores and achievements before your game center friends, as you compete against them for the highest ranking .

    download link: App Store - Armed Beasts
    facebook page: CWAgame | Facebook

    Summer is almost over, so what have you guys been up to lately? I see there is still a bunch of people walking on the street with their heads down playing with their mobile. It seems like smart phones will continue to be everyone’s hot buy for a while, and I can’t wait to get my hands on an iPhone 5 too! I guess I better start saving up now!

    Anyway, apart from new mobile phones, one other thing has caught my attention lately. I’m not sure if you guys are aware or not, but everywhere I go, whether I’m on the subway or taking a coffee break at the nearest Starbucks, there is always someone playing this 3D shoot-em-up game! Finally I had to ask this guy sitting next to me what is this game everyone (including him!) seems to be playing, and he told me the game is called Armed Beasts! He said the game gets really addictive and I really ought to check it out myself, so I downloaded it off appstore to see what the fuss is all about.

    Please don’t let the game title fool you, the game does not involve in some disturbingly gory savage beasts chasing around biting innocent people’s heads off. Instead, the “Beasts” (Developer named them “Beasts”, I don’t know what’s wrong with them lol~) are adorable cartoon characters sworn to protect the planet from the invasion of aliens (even the aliens themselves look cute!). Maybe it’s just me, but I love seeing cutey characters having a go at one another, can you imagine one day there is a game where Mickey Mouse chases down Snow White with a rifle in hand? That would be awesome! lmao

    The motive of Armed Beasts is to rescue your ally Beasts friends who had been captured by alien invaders and hidden across the 6 continents, and help the planet return to its former peaceful state. To make your mission harder, you have to fend off attack from zombies and vampires and well, when you put the world “alien” to anything, they automatically become 10 times tougher to beat! You, as the player, can choose what type of weapons you like to use to fend off waves after waves of alien attacks. The game mixes elements of tower-defense and shoot-em-up games, it’s got plenty of stages to play from and it’s definitely a time-killer! No wonder people everywhere are playing it!

    My tip playing this game is, before you attempt a new stage, make sure you have stack up enough cash to upgrade your weapons! To earn money quickly, you could challenge the big sheep aka the Dall! Although the Dall is lethal, but once you have mastered your techniques and powered up your weapons, the Dall becomes beatable! Why kill the Dall you might ask. The answer is simple: you can only earn a small amount by killing a small sheep, whereas by killing the Dall, you can get a gold bar worth over 10,000 coins! So, as long as your weapons are strong enough to allow you to kill the big sheep within 60 seconds, all your investments on upgrading your weapons will be worthwhile!
    09-18-2012 03:49 AM