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    Forget GPS tracking apps like iTracker, Find Friends, FollowMee, Family Tracker. those apps
    1-most often you have to buy and
    2- most often have subscriptions to track constantly.
    Although FindFriends is free, it doesn't show a breadcrumb trail so you can't tell where someone has been.

    I discovered something a few weeks ago and don't know why the heck I didn't think of it before. I use MapMyWalk to track my exercise. It works with AND WITHOUT cellular service. It ONLY utilizes the GPS antenna. And IT'S FREE.

    Another option, tho not AS technical is a data tracking app called My Data Manager. It pretty much tracks where you go each day with dots of usage on the map. Granted, if there's no cellular service, it'll only track wifi and not a constant track, but it does the job. It may even work on iPod too

    I have used Mapmywalk to track on a phone that has no cellular service. It tracked every second of the way. from start to finish. It was AWESOME. it's also easier to track a straight line instead of dots on a map. (try connecting dots if someone is in a mall, lol). also has a 3D flyover option so you can actually "travel" with the person.

    Forget paid/subscription apps-- i'm using MapMyWalk from now on! It just has to stay in the taskbar.

    Has anyone else discovered any apps that double as "GPS Trackers" ?
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