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    App Store - Ninja Run Online

    Online a runer where you can compete with live opponents. IOS VS Android

    On-line runner where you will be able to compete with living opponents for championship. To prove that you are the most adroit and fast. Passing exciting trials, to run the personage for collected gold chinks. To open up additional abilities that will help you be the first among runners as well as prevent the opponents to reach the aim.
    Attractive graphic and easy-to-use interface. With possibility to play off-line as well as on-line version, perfecting the skills.

    The features of complete version of the play are as follows:
    * choosing the personage.
    * running of personage abilities.
    * learning additional skills.
    * dynamic world.
    * list of the best results.
    09-14-2012 03:16 PM

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