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    I am finally jumping onto the iOS boat again after a 2.5 year hiatus with Android. My EVO 4G, while a great phone, is showing it's age, and I want to play the best games on my phone, dammit!

    So, what are your favorite obscure indie games? Years ago, when I had an iPod Touch, I played this amazing game called Castle Conflict. I really can't describe it, but I will try to in the next paragraph, so you can skip reading it if you don't care.

    It's sort of a tower defense/real time strategy game combination. I would almost say it's an extremely basic form of DOTA for the PC, but not. You have this army with 8 or so units and you send them out to collect resources (trees), to set up defense, or to attack the other castle. The enemy does the same thing. The first to destroy the other castle wins. It's surprisingly deep, and I remember running my iPods battery into the ground with that game. Highly recommended.

    So, what are your favorite indie games that no one knows about?
    09-14-2012 11:08 AM